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Alternative Healing

A great diet with whole food supplements, regular exercise and the occasional herbal remedy usually keeps the physical body in great shape.  However, what about emotional problems, how can we holistically treat them?

So many pets, especially the ones who are rescued, come into our homes with at least one emotional issue, which if left untreated can stress the physical body enough to become sick.

As we all know, long term stress of any kind for example fear and anxiety can certainly lead to physical symptoms of disease.

At Raw Nature, we have two basic Aromatherapy Blends for Dogs and an Uplifting Aromatherapy Hand Oil blend for their owners.  

Aromatherapy is known to work on the brain's limbic system; believed to generate change in mood and emotional state. For example: whilst some specific blends will energize and lift the vibrational level in the body, others will calm and reduce anxiety.

If you do have a dog that has behavioral or emotional problems, Aromatherapy is certainly worth a try. Another modality of healing which can be used on both cats and dogs are the Bach Flower Remedies.

Over the last several years I have used aromatherapy on dogs rescued from abusive homes with great success.  They really enjoy a massage with a (dog approved) aromatherapy oil blend on the hands of their owner.

The Bach Flower Remedies, I wouldn't be without. I have used them extensively on sick, and rescued animals. In particular Bach Rescue remedy is great for dealing with shock and trauma until you can get the animal to a Vet.
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*Like all other forms of alternative healing modalities, aromatherapy for dogs and Flower Remedies are not intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment.  If your pet is sick, the best place to start is a diagnosis from your Vet.

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