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The inspiration behind the scenes

I wanted to make dog treats that were not only really tasty but super healthy too. Slow baked on a low temperature to maintain the integrity of the ingredients , Raw Nature’s Cookies are super-crunchy to give the best jaw and teeth workout.
The three types of dog cookies lovingly handmade, are a result of several years of trying new ingredients, learning about the amazing nutrients found in fresh organic vegetables, adding the organic superfood ‘coconut,’ whilst including an abundance of vitamins and minerals with freshly ground, organic seeds, phytogreens such as wheatgrass, spirulina, alfalfa, barley grass and of course the most amazing protein, whole certified free range egg.
These cookies, whilst cooked and not raw, contain a wide range of nutritious wholefoods whilst also providing fibre to your canine friend’s diet.
At Raw Nature we only use the highest quality human grade ingredients. They are more than 90% certified organic.
You could even eat them yourself, but they are a little too crunchy for human teeth;-)

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