Our code of practice and our promise to our customers

At Raw Nature, we only supply animal produce, which has come from ethical farming methods such as Certified Free Range Farms and Certified Organic Farms. None of the produce sold at our shop is from Factory Farming. We do not promote or condone cruel farming practices.
We believe dietary choices made for us and our pets should be: organic where possible, at the very least free range, raw, natural, fresh and from ethical suppliers. Animal Welfare extends to not only our cats and dogs, but out to the farm animals, which provide their food.

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On behalf of all animals in factory farms……please choose animal produce from certified free range farming.

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If you would like to help put an end to the factory farming of animals, please contact Animals Australia. There is a link to their website in the Resources Page.
"There's a reason you might not know much about factory farming…..They don't want you to know…..Factory farmers don't want you to know that most eggs, chicken and pork products come from factory farms. They realise that the products wouldn't sell if shoppers were told exactly where they came from. Knowledge is the single greatest threat to factory farming."

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