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Ethics, Morals, Our Pet’s Health and Animal Welfare

If like me, you are compassionate towards all animals and not just to your own, I'm sure you also want to know if the animal produce you buy is from an ethical and humane establishment.

Intensive farming methods are incredibly inhumane, cruel and cause unbelievable mental, physical and emotional pain to the animals involved.

Unfortunately, this practice is still legal in most countries around the world including Australia.

Until the consumer becomes more aware and makes more compassionate choices, this practice will unfortunately continue to thrive.

When shopping, purchase only animal produce marked 'free range' or better still 'organic.' This ensures that the animal which, provided the meat, once had a natural and respectful life prior to slaughter.

Not only does this choice mean you are living with higher ethical standards, it also means a far more healthy diet for your family including your pets.

Ethical choices can make a world of difference to farming practices everywhere. Millions of intensively farmed animals are waiting for us to change our ways, be their voice and end their suffering.

A blessing to all of those animals in factory farms, one day...........

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