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Welcome to the Raw Nature Pet Food Shop!

Raw Nature has carefully chosen high quality suppliers for the ingredients in our products. The eggs are locally sourced and are certified free range. The freshly pulped vegetables are also locally sourced and certified organic……..so NO chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides in the veggies!

Our present range of pet products are three types of super healthy dog treats that are more than 90% certified organic . We also make our own super green, super healthy cat and dog supplement mix. I have been using this mix on my own pets for the last 12 years and over this time I have refined it perfectly to provide the best nutrients which support a fighting fit immune system, and a healthy mind and body.
We also have a small range of Aromatherapy for Dogs and for Pet Owners. If you like Essential Oils, you'll love this selection of 'feel good' blends.

In the words of Hippocrates, “food is medicine.”

We pride ourselves on hand making our own dog cookies, they truly are lovingly created. They do not contain any fillers, chemicals or preservatives; just pure whole foods. In fact, when you smell them you’ll want to take a bite yourself!
.....warning, they are a little too crunchy for human teeth:-)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us.
Marie Atkinson

Meet our favourite Organic Supplier…
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Phone 0434 696 666
Email: rawnatureforpets@gmail.com

"Our products make no medicinal claims. They are intended to support the body towards natural health."

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